Frequently asked questions

How much is shipping?

We offer a flat shipping rate of $7.00 and free shipping for orders over $75.00

I'm allergic to sulfa and sulfates, can I use this product?

Agriskin Sulfur Paste contains over 70% pure sulfur so it should be avoided by those with a sulfa allergy.

How often do I apply?

After cleansing the area and allowing to dry, apply the paste directly to the skin and massage in. Reapply every 3-5 days until you see the desired results.

Is this OK for cats and dogs?

This product was formulated for livestock animals such as goats, pigs, horses, cows, and sheep so please check with your vet first.

What is your return policy?

We want you to feel 100% comfortable ordering from us and we stand behind our products. Please contact us if you experience a problem with your shipment.

What is the consistency of the Sulfur Paste?

It has a smooth consistency, similar to lotion. Because the product is intended to be applied to an animal's skin, a thinner product is required to get down to the skin level and not sit on the fur. It is oil based with sulfur and zinc so there is a slight granular and oil feel. Apply with disposable gloves or wash hands well after using.